Our Approach.

We advise starting with your senior team. After all, they are the people with greatest influence. We know that executive decision-making and performance are integrally linked with optimal physical and mental health . Through our elite executive programme, we enable you to embed best health practice within your organisation to positively impact productivity.

We measure your organisational health metrics using a series of  “ lenses” to provide baseline data and highlight problem areas.

We raise awareness of best organisational health practice by providing information and education based on up to date scientific evidence.

We identify priority areas  and actions and agree a timeline for change.

We review progress and demonstrate better performance as a result of improved individual, team and organisational health.

A Selection of Modules.

A taster of different modules is listed below and growing all the time.
• Brainpower – how to manage your greatest asset
• Fuelled for performance – eating for energy
• The toxic triad – the three biggest enemies of performance
• The effect of your inner game on your outer one
• The science of stress – it’s not all bad
• Are you sitting comfortably?
• Women are from Venus – improving female health to promote performance
• Having a healthy equality and diversity policy
• Techno-health – making it work for you

Ask The Doctor

We also offer a service called Ask the Doctor – this works well alongside our other interventions and allows members of the team to have a discrete one-to –one advice session with an experienced GP for medical advice.