Our Approach.

We advise starting with your senior team. After all, they are the people with greatest influence. We know that executive decision-making and performance are integrally linked with optimal physical and mental health . Through our elite executive programme, we enable you to embed best health practice within your organisation to positively impact productivity.

  • Our approach is data-driven and uses a mixed methodology of both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Our workplace wellbeing and engagement survey is unique and takes a whole person/whole life view of wellbeing and engagement
  • You won’t just get a load of bar charts from us! We use research-grade analytics to establish the root causes of what’s really affecting your people
  • Our training is backed by the latest science about how our bodies and brains perform best in and out of work
  • We score your people against our performance dashboard and identify the factors which mitigate against ideal performance in your organisation
  • We raise awareness of the performance “blockers” in your business
  • We facilitate behavioural change and help you capitalise on some early wins to improve the engagement and performance of your people
  • We work with you to generate solutions and map a timeline of actions for your organisation
  • Our interventions are “triple-layered”. Our solutions work at individual, team and whole organisational level
  • We’ll help you drive improved performance and productivity by doing the right things
  • We provide a full range of consultancy services to support you in addressing your identified pinch points
  • We can provide you with ongoing data in the form of pulse checks.
  • We establish a process of best practice and continuous improvement which keeps employee performance and wellbeing at the heart of your business
  • Our clients tell us that we have increased performance, improved workplace culture, effected sustainable change,  improved mental health awareness and support,  upskilled their middle managers and enabled them to attract, motivate and retain their best talent.

A Selection of Modules.

We offer bespoke training solutions to meet your organisational needs such as:
• Between The Sheets – sleep and performance
• The Paradox Of Productivity – the science of rest and recharge
• All In The Mind – mental health awareness and skills training
• Stress Management
• Resilience Training
• Maximising Managers
• Developing Leaders
• Menopause Awareness Training
• Managing Effective Change
• Time Management
• Money Matters

One-to-One Support

We have a network of Concilio coaches and mentors who are able to provide one-to-one sessions with individuals.