The Missing Piece

Organisations today commit a wealth of time and resource to improving the performance of their people through a range of financial, development and cultural initiatives.

Astonishingly, the correlation between physical and mental health and individual performance is usually overlooked. Moreover, poor culture and unhealthy ways of working often have an unintended negative impact.

This is a missing piece in the performance puzzle.

Our passion is to help individuals and organisations integrate current best health practice into ways of working that reap real improvements in performance.

The Performance Connection

A recent Willis Towers Watson survey, “Staying At Work”, found that improving workforce health and productivity was a core component of overall organisational strategy. They also found that healthier businesses were twice as likely to outperform their peers.

Trying Harder But Still Sick

Many organisations are embracing elements of the health and wellbeing agenda, but often the focus is on the avoidance of negative performance outcomes (such as avoiding sickness absence). Moreover, initiatives are not data-driven, or lack a robust evidence base. As a result, organisations are failing to demonstrate a return on investment in terms of improved performance.

Culture And Alignment

In health and performance, as well as strategy, the executive team set the agenda. As the most leveraged people in any organisation, they benefit most from the aggregate effect of improved health on performance. To reap the rewards of health-related performance improvements, the top team must actively adopt, align and embed these changes throughout the organisation. “Middle-up” initiatives are strangled if not modelled "top-down".

ConcilioHealth - Bringing it together

Trainers of elite athletes optimise every detail of diet, exercise, mental health and rest in the knowledge that marginal gains in these aspects produce peak performance. We work to apply the science of human physiology to get the best out of people in their day-to-day work.

Concilio is a Latin word meaning, “to unite or bring together”. We exist to bring together the science of human health in order to help individuals and teams be the best they can at work, and to develop truly healthy organisational culture.

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