“All In The Mind?” Mental Health Awareness And Training Workshops

Just as we all experience ups and downs in our physical health, we need to recognise that our mental health also isn’t on a static continuum, but varies over the course of our lives.

We’ll often tell a colleague when we’re feeling a bit below par with a physical health issue like a cold or headache, but we’re shy to check in with each other’s mental health. We need workplaces where it’s okay to say we’re not okay.

Spoiler alert…our brains and are bodies are connected! So the same things that are good for our physical health are good for our mental health and wellbeing and vice versa. Getting the basics right like sleeping and eating well, moving enough during the day, recharging effectively and having a strong sense of purpose don’t just keep us physically fit, they keep us mentally healthy too.

Our “All In The Mind training” will help your organisation to take a joined-up approach to mental health and wellbeing, to recognise a struggling colleague and initiate a supportive conversation, to signpost effectively and safely and to understand employment law, reasonable adjustments and how the Equality Act applies to your business. Watch the video below for more information.