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  • Wellbeing the New Integrity Frontier

    As published in Wellbeing World Spring 2020

  • Independent Schools Magazine

    How to solve the staff wellbeing equation to boost performance

    Below is an article published in The Independent Schools Magazine. For a PDF version please click on the thumbnail below.

  • Why executive health screening needs a check-up

    Originally published on HR Magazine

    Executive health screens are a common benefit, but does the evidence behind such a perk stack up?

    The ritual of the annual executive health screen is well-entrenched. Estimates suggest that private health assessments cost UK industry more than £65 million annually. Is this money well spent, or should the perk carry its own health warning?

  • Mindfulness: Substance or smokescreen?

    Originally published on HR Magazine

    Mindfulness is everywhere – but does the practice stand up to medical scrutiny?

    Mindfulness has arrived. This practice has exploded into the corporate world and fast become mainstream in companies that consider themselves progressive. But does the trend have substance?

    Mindfulness is a technique derived from Buddhism, repackaged for our frenetic modern world. It is the process of paying attention to thoughts and feelings ‘in the moment’ in a non–judgmental way. While anchoring their attention using a pattern of breathing participants are encouraged to notice but not judge or action their thoughts, rather acknowledging them neutrally and moving on. The so-called ‘see-touch-go’.